Poulsen Film is now PoulsenFilm ApS.

Two years after Poulsen Film started, there has been development again. Poulsen Film has become PoulsenFilm ApS.

But having said that, not much has happened. It's still the same service, tenacity and go for it as it's always been.

Since I was educated in 2006, I have solved tasks in film and television. Both as a technician and speaker, but also as a consultant and problem solver.

On this page, you can read a little about what PoulsenFilm ApS can do. If I can do that for you, you are very welcome to contact me.

With best regards

CEO, Sound Engineer, Editor, Speaker, Cameraman and much more.

Hans Michael Poulsen 

Typical Projects

Sound Mixing for Live TV,

Editing: Documentery, Reallity, Game Shows, commercials
Development, promoes & Trailers
And much more...

Me as a Drone Pilot

From time to time it is a good idea to see things from a different perspective.

I can help with that. Since spring 2021 I have been a certified drone pilot and fly a DJI Mavic 2 pro.

Its Hasselblad camera can film great videos in up to 4K from a height of 120 meters and/or take super sharp overview pictures.

The filmed videos are very suitable for fiction & documentary as well as corporate films, music videos, commercials and housing ads.

In collaboration with Gølbådens

wooden ship guild, we had this little film made.

It shows Gølbåden from angles it has never been seen in before.

The film has a special meaning for me, as it was my great-grandfather who had the boat built in his time.

This is one of the many things that drone photography can do. And each task is unique.



I have been a Editor for many years, and have mainly used AVID.
But from time to time I have also use Premiere Pro & DaVinci. It depends a lot on the task.

DaVinci I mostly use for color correction and Color Grade.

In my editing suite I have been around the world many times.

Whether it's about Slow Steaming in the harbor of Hong Kong, Cattle wars in South Sudan to Finnish ice hockey, I'm completely there.

Voice Over

Having a voice that follows the viewer or listener at hand often makes the experience better. Text and dry numbers are good for many things. But to give facts a face, it is necessary to have a voice behind them. That is where I have been so lucky to be that voice several times.

Voice Overs are often used to boil information down, make things more understandable or as a transition from one place or scene to another.

That is wher, it is important to have a credible voice that can help people further in to the story.

I would think so, and I hope I have such a voice.